Elite Enclosure Company believes our employees, customers, and suppliers are our most important assets. Every customer, big or small, is our #1 priority. The Elite Team will exert every effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We established a culture of continuous improvement to create a manufacturing facility that is flexible and responsive to all our customer's demands. Through employee involvement, we have established a safe, clean, and organized working environment. We believe this environment breeds quality in everything we do. 

Elite Enclosure offers decades of design and fabrication experience. Our employees are conscientious and dedicated individuals who were hand-selected and trained to put the customer first. The "Elite Goal" is to meet or exceed our customer expectations on cost, quality, and delivery.

Elite Enclosure company uses state of the art 3D design software to ensure all details of fabrication and development are met to our clients specific needs.



"The mission of Elite Enclosure Company is to develop Elite people who provide our customers with Elite Design and Fabrication"



Elite Enclosure Company

Elite Enclosure Company is a fabrication shop located at 2349 Industrial Drive, Sidney Ohio.  We design and manufacture material handling and ergonomic equipment. Elite Enclosure specializes in shipping in-process racks or carts, lifting devices, precision robotic load/unload system racks, and scissors lift assist equipment.

Elite Enclosure Company’s Design Team works directly with the customer, partnering with them for total in-house logistics management. Dedicated to design and prototype development, Elite Enclosure eliminates the incompatibilities that can occur when the designer is unfamiliar with the manufacturing process. The project is designed, fitted, tested, manufactured, and delivered in one integrated process.

On-Site Capabilities

  • Automatic Sawing
  • Hydraulic Searer
  • Hydraulic Punch Press
  • Drill Press
  • Press Break
  • Pipe Bender
  • Lathe
  • Mig Welding
  • Tig Welding
  • Wet Paint Application
  • High Pressure Wash Booth